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At Open Arms Hospice, we strive to provide the highest quality of service to our patients and families. On this page, we will share some of the messages we receive from our current and past families.
• Everyone was not only proficient in their care giving, but showed such personal interest. We were not just the next name on a list, but a family needing medical care, wisdom and understanding as to all that was happening. Our nurse, Patty, and our social worker, Candace, almost seemed like family. We appreciate so much the personal attention they showed Mom - and us. Thank you. You were all a blessing to us.
• On a scale of 1 to 10, our nurse, Betty, was an 11.
• What impressed us the most was the love and tender care that Mom's nurses showed to her.
• Everyone we encountered while at the McCall Hospice House was absolutely wonderful to us and to our grandmother. We consider ourselves blessed that we were able to come into your wonderful "home" setting during the last few days of our grandmother's life. Our family felt at home because your staff made us feel that way from the moment we first entered. They kept us informed as to what was happening during each stage as her health changed. I cannot say enough wonderful things about your warm, caring staff and your gorgeous facility.
• I have told everyone - and I do mean everyone who would listen - about how awesome the McCall Hospice House is. I tell them that if ever the need should arise, please don't hesitate - go to the McCall Hospice House.
• If I should ever need help or hospice care, I would choose McCall Hospice House. My husband was blessed by being there.
I can't begin to tell you what a blessing it was to our family to have dad spend his last days at the McCall Hospice House. There was a peace and serenity which exceeded anything we could have imagined. It was such a relief not to have dad force-fed pills or having to endure injections, IVs, blood tests and other means to keep him alive. His last moments on this earth were with people who loved him and cared for him, and were totally stress free. Dad had the peace he always craved in life. He left this earth to join God without struggling. Our family spent some wonderful moments there, even considering the reason we were there. 
I'd like to thank each person at the McCall Hospice House for all they did, not only for my dad, but for my family. They went far beyond their "job." They ministered to us in a way we needed. They knew we are spiritual beings and as such our spirits needed their attention as much as our physical bodies did. 
Having people there who knew the importance of God in our lives made a world of difference to us. We saw over and over again how compassionate and loving Christians, who didn't even know the other existed prior to dad bringing us together, immediately became an integral part of our family - in the Family of God. 
In the four days we were at the Hospice House we grew to love your family as our own. We'll never be able to express our thanks for everything, especially in making my dad's last days on planet earth as comfortable and stress free as possible. The gentle touch, the quiet words, the light kisses on his brow were things my dad craved and needed. To each and every person we met at your facility and to those who were in the background making sure it all works - I say a heartfelt thank you.
If anyone is not sure if McCall is the right place for their loved one's last days, I can and will set their fears aside and make them realize they could do no better - anywhere.  You ministered not only to my dad but to my entire family and all our friends and other relatives who visited.
One thing I'd like to mention in closing.  The memorial lighting of the coach lamps in the hallway was one of the most touching tributes I've ever seen.  We were told prior to dad's passing that whenever we saw the lights on, we'd know that a resident in McCall's had passed.  After my mother, brother, pastor and I had said our goodbyes to dad, we walked down the hall and were greeted by this tribute to my dad. We stood there and looked at the glow of those lamps and felt a peace overcome our pain. This is another of the numerous gestures made by McCall which will forever remain in our minds and memories when we think of dad's last moments. 
Pamela Batson Herring